London Countdown…..

Only two more days of work left before the weekend of upheaval that will see me driving vans back and forth with boxes of stuff I seem to have collected over my years living in London. Soon I’ll have the meadow larks and wild rabbits of rural Norfolk to contend with for a couple of weeks. Everything recently seems to have happened in fast forward the last month or so, since handing in my notice to work I have been scouring pages of eBay for the last bits of essential equipment, pouring over books of information about bicycle travel, scanning maps of far flung countries and taking notes from guidebooks to places I may encounter.

It feels like I’ve been swept into a whirlwind of organisation, things have slowly come together and I’ve somehow battled and won against the laws of logistics to allow me to ‘get my shit together!’ leaving the last week so far, to accompanying friends eating good food, drinking our body weight in wine, watching the flames dance around the coals of a BBQ and wishing I’d managed to get more sleep in between, all the while finishing work off and doing the last bits of packing my life into cardboard containers. Cycling round the world will be a doddle after this!


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3 responses to “London Countdown…..

  1. lewispackwood

    Good luck! I look forward to following your blog… I’ve put a link up on our site:

    • simonlindley

      Cheers Lewis, just looking through your blog too, theres some great stuff on there, will have to root around for the mega drive! Catch you soon

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