All change please!

There have been a few rather lovely days recently, even though we’re only into March and it only snowed a few weeks ago!

The crocuses and daffodils have started to open their buds and the sparrows have started copulating all over the lawn. Spring is beginning to, well, spring!

We’ve been mulching the veg patch over the last few months and the soils looking…….erm… the same really, although I’m sure it’s much better now! The vinery/greenhouse is now the home to some new Tomato plants, several gutters of pea and bean plants which, once sprouted will be transplanted into the veg patch and covered in netting to stop the birds from munching our crop. We’ve got a whole batch of seed potatoes ready and waiting, looking in certain lights like strange caricatures all sat in rows. I’ve just planted coriander, rocket and spinach in a long gutter that will be harvested once they’re a couple of inches high as ‘micro-salads’ intensely flavoursome little devils that I can’t wait to taste.

Even the flowers are starting to come out to play, the Daffs are opening up to reveal their sunshine yellow flowers, won’t be long until the bluebell wood comes into bloom too. If you can’t wait that long just scroll right down to the bottom to see how it was a whole year ago!


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One response to “All change please!

  1. Tim

    Green Pencil Ltd is a great idea.
    I also like the guttering for growing good grub. Develop it, prove it, get someone to make it and sell it. Build some prototypes for your local garden centre to sell to test the market !!!
    Let me know if you want some funding.

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